Asparagus and mushrooms with mushroom hollandaise (2004)

Asparagus and mushrooms with mushroom hollandaise (2004)
Auberge et Clos des Cimes
Chef: Régis Marcon
Country: France
City: 43290 St-Bonnet-le-Froid
Address: Le Village
(+33) (0) 471599372

Each November a festival of dried mushrooms takes place in St-Bonnet-le-Froid – a typical product of this windy town of only 180 inhabitants. Using these mushrooms, Régis Marcon prepares a butter that he then uses to create the hollandaise sauce which accompanies this assortment of three mushroom types – chanterelles, white and pine spike mushrooms – topped with blanched asparagus tips. The ensemble is finished with powdered, dried mushrooms that perfume the dish. It is a declaration of love for the forests and plains of the Upper Loire.