Foie gras “Au temps des cerises” (2005)

Foie gras “Au temps des cerises” (2005)
Hostellerie l’Imaginaire
Chef: Eric Samson
Country: France
City: 24120 Terrasson
Address: Place du Foirail
(+33) 0 553513727

Eric Samson, a native of Brittany who got his start in the profession at five years old and who was later a disciple of Olivier Roellinger, acquired an old post office building that looked out over the Imaginaire gardens and turned it into an inn. Samson, convinced in the need to defend biodiversity, prepares the fine products from the Dordogne with wisdom, giving them light and imagination, as is the case with this duck foie gras char-grilled with cherries, almonds, peas and wate