Lobster with mollusk soup and lime oil (2003)

Lobster with mollusk soup and lime oil (2003)
Ze Kitchen Galerie
Chef: William Ledeuil
Country: France
City: 75006 París
Address: 4, rue des Grands-Augustins
(+33) 0144320032

After having worked for years with Guy Savoy, William Ledeuil opened one of the most interesting restaurants in France in 2001. Ledeuil instilled in it a very personal style, based on dishes that are decidedly European, but rich in Asian aromas and flavors. His philosophy is perfectly illustrated by this Brittany lobster with a soup of mussels, sea snails, shrimp, lime leaves and oil, miso, baby corn, Thai basil, shitake mushrooms and Chinese cilantro. A masterpiece!