Moscatel aspic and fraises des bois (1994)

Moscatel aspic and fraises des bois (1994)
Antica Corona Reale
Chef: Gianpiero y Renzo Vivalda
Country: Italy
City: 12040 Cervere (Turín)
Address: Via Fossano 13
(+39) 0172474132

A clean, essential, paradisiacal dessert. Composed of two elements: the Moscatel wine gelatin and the fraises des bois, hand-picked and intensely perfumed. That is all. Gianpiero Vivalda and his father, Renzo, have chosen an exemplary path summed up in a few words: absolute quality devoid of superfluous elements. Over the years the Vivalda family has succeeded in transforming a simple small town trattoria into one of the best tables in Piedmont. When the fraises des bois are out of season, the dish is served with citrus fruits or berries.