Turnip tops, amaranth, clams and lemon (2004)

Turnip tops, amaranth, clams and lemon (2004)
Piazza Duomo
Chef: Enrico Crippa
Country: Italy
City: 12051 Alba (Cuneo)
Address: Piazza Duomo, 4
(+39) 0173366167

Enrico Crippa is a chef who has found his way of expression in purity. A luminous and inspired cuisine based on a great capacity of analysis, culture and intuition. The scalded turnip tops, the amaranth and dashi quenelle, the raw clam and the lemon gelatin with its grated zest combine in perfect harmony. The construction lies on a turnip tops, garlic and anchovy cream that is decorated with a sesame oil and gomasio coulis. A real masterpiece.