Bob Noto Gallery

Before cooling the dish

Photos are taken directly on the table in a maximum of 2.5 minutes, then enhanced on computer.

Char-grilled prawn Espagueti, tomate and albahaca Fideos with cauliflower and squid (2006) Turnip and mushroom ravioli in chicken-truffle broth (2004) Saffron and paprika… (2007) Minipulpitos Bonbon (2004) Olive oil cocktail with cold tomato soup and pepper (2005) Moscatel aspic and fraises des bois (1994) Beef head with artichokes and anchovy ice cream (2005) Stuffed squid (2003) Grilled sardines Armagnac-soaked lobster pêcheurs de lune (2006) Asparagus and mushrooms with mushroom hollandaise (2004) Knam’s world implodes (2006) Seaweed, aromatic herb and root salad (2004) Turnip tops, amaranth, clams and lemon (2004)
Bob Noto
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Oysters with melon gelatin (2003) Oysters with melon gelatin (2003) Patrick Betron Le Relais Bernard Loiseau France
Carrot cappuccino (2006) Carrot cappuccino (2006) Christophe Comes La Galinette France
Languedoc Aillade (1993) Languedoc Aillade (1993) Gilles Goujon Restaurant Gilles Goujon France
Lobster pressé (2005) Lobster pressé (2005) Jacques et Laurent Pourcel Jardin des Sens France
Armagnac-soaked lobster pêcheurs de lune (2006) Armagnac-soaked lobster pêcheurs de lune (2006) Michel Guérard Les Prés d`Eugénie France
Bouchée à la reine (1930) Bouchée à la reine (1930) Michel Husser Le Cerf France
“Vertical” monkfish (2006) “Vertical” monkfish (2006) Stéphane Froidevaux Le Fantin Latour France
Alpine trout with marrow (2005) Alpine trout with marrow (2005) Cristophe Rochard Le Novalaise Plage France
Champagne cromesqui (2007) Champagne cromesqui (2007) Didier Elena Château Les Crayères France
Plum square with pâte sablée (2007) Plum square with pâte sablée (2007) Alexandre Bourdas Sa.Qua.Na France
Zucchini flower soufflé (2007) Zucchini flower soufflé (2007) Olivier Bontemps Ô.Bontemps France
Foie gras “Au temps des cerises” (2005) Foie gras “Au temps des cerises” (2005) Eric Samson Hostellerie l’Imaginaire France
Vegetable mille-feuille (2005) Vegetable mille-feuille (2005) Emmanuel Renaut Flocons de Sel France
Fillé legume collection (2004) Fillé legume collection (2004) Alain Passard Arpège France
“New style” escargots (2006) “New style” escargots (2006) Olivier Nasti Le Chambard France
Minipulpitos Minipulpitos Argelio Díaz Rías de Galicia España
“ZVI” chicken egg with truffle sauce (2006) “ZVI” chicken egg with truffle sauce (2006) Thomas Keller, Jonathan Benno y Sébastien Rouxel Per Se EEUU
Sea bass, carrots and black beans (2006) Sea bass, carrots and black beans (2006) Charles Kiely The Grocery EEUU
Cucumber and nasturtium leaves (2007) Cucumber and nasturtium leaves (2007) René Redzepi Noma Denmark
Ecuador Chocolate (2006) Ecuador Chocolate (2006) Peter Goossens Hof Van Cleve Belgium