Basket of Castelmagno cheese pasta (2006)

Basket of Castelmagno cheese pasta (2006)
La Valle
Chef: Gabriele Torretto
Country: Italy
City: 10028 Trofarello (TO)
Address: via Umberto I°, 25 - Valle Sauglio
(+39) 0116499238

Since 1998, the year this restaurant opened, Gabriele Torretto has continued to consistently improve in his métier. In the beginning, the cuisine at La Valle was based on good product that was minimally prepared. In the years to follow, Gabriele refined his technique and began to select his own purveyors. Now his dishes are more creative and personal, like this “Basket” of fresh pasta stuffed with Castelmagno cheese (a rare cheese from the Piedmont region) that is accompanied by a beet sauce.