Calamari with pancetta and cod tripe (2003)

Calamari with pancetta and cod tripe (2003)
Can Jubany
Chef: Nando Jubany
Country: Spain
City: 08506 Calldetenes
Address: Ctra. de Sant Hilari (La Vila Grossa)
(+34) 938891023

Exponent of the third generation of a family of restaurateurs, Nando Jubany, along with his wife Anna, runs a restaurant in the Vic area. He is a chef of the modern school, training under Arzak and Berasategui, yet has a strong connection to the land: something which is seen in his occasional preparation of traditional Catalan dishes like this flavorful carmanyola. Inevitably served in a lunchbox for the authentic touch, it’s a dish that is typically eaten by the factory workers around the region of Osona.