Dessert (1993)

Dessert (1993)
Trattoria I Bologna
Chef: Beppe y Mariuccia Bologna
Country: Italy
City: 14030 Rocchetta Tanaro
Address: Via Sardi, 4
(+ 39) 0141644600

Carlo Bologna, brother of the late Giacomo, presents dishes made by his son Beppe and daughter-in-law Mariuccia in this family-style trattoria, which for years has constituted an inescapable stopover for all lovers of good cuisine. At the end of each meal they serve a different dessert for each guest. Beppe has created an assortment of desserts that have become true classics, such as the honey-hazelnut parfait with strawberry ice cream stick, caramel sauce and chocolate ring or the hot extra-bitter chocolate cake with mint sauce.