Liquid croquette of gorgonzola (2005)

Liquid croquette of gorgonzola (2005)
Chef: Matteo Vigotti
Country: Italy
City: 28046 Meina
Address: via Bonomi, 13
(+ 1) 212 8239800

This indulgent croquette is prepared by breading a cube of gorgonzola (cured for 100 days) with beaten eggs and black venere rice flour. The croquette is fried for 1 minute in boiling seed oil, placed in the oven for a further 4 minute then finally served together with beet puree, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. To finish the dish: a julienne of lemon zest and a foam made from vegetable stock, pepper and beet sprouts. A true delicacy.