Lobster pressé (2005)

Lobster pressé (2005)
Jardin des Sens
Chef: Jacques et Laurent Pourcel
Country: France
City: 34000 Montpellier
Address: 11, avenue Saint-Lazare
(+33) (0) 499583838

With the experience gained throughout an enviable career (Bras, Chapel, Gagnaire, Meneau…), the Pourcel twins and their partner Château settled in Montpellier in 1988. In less than twenty years they have built what can only be referred to as a small empire in light of the opening of an impressive number of restaurants, but the Jardin des Sens continues to be the pillar of their kingdom. There, you can enjoy creations such as this lobster pressé with duck ham vegetables and mango with melon balls, encircled by vanilla bean oil.