Perfume (2007)

Perfume (2007)
Antica trattoria Monte Costone
Chef: Ilario Vinciguerra
Country: Italy
City: 21020 Galliate Lombardo (Varese)
Address: via IV Novembre 10
(+39) 0332 947104

It was with this dish that Ilario Vinciguerra won the 5th edition of the International Championship for Olive Oil Recipes in San Sebastian. The Mazara del Vallo red prawn tartare is presented within a sphere, together with small cubes of squid ink jelly and Sorrento lemon, a few flowers and an abundant amount of olive oil. The client must open the sphere, breathe in the aromas, close the sphere again and shake it before eating it. The dish is paired with a small glass of gin and tonic. What a perfume, indeed!