Torta fiorentina of Nino Bergese (1926)

Torta fiorentina of Nino Bergese (1926)
San Domenico
Chef: Valentino Marcattili
Country: Italy
City: 40026 Imola (Bologna)
Address: via Sacchi, 1
(+39) 0524680800

After a career in the service of wealthy and aristocratic families, Nino Bergese, “the chef of kings, and the king of chefs”, opened his legendary restaurant La Santa in postwar Italy and later retired. In 1974, Gianluigi Morini asked him to renovate the menu of San Domenico and, after a little hesitation, Bergese accepted. He died three years later, leaving his disciple Valentino Marcattili in charge of recuperating the immortal recipes like the timeless torta fiorentina with chocolate.