Huevo congelado con crema de patatas y polvo helado de baicon
Adrian Quetglas
Country: Russia
City: 119034 Moscú
Address: Soymonovsky, built 1
Closed: May 1st to May 6th and December 30th to January 5th
Price: 300/400 €
Tasting menu:: 118 €

A lavish restaurant that reflects the point to which luxury forms a part of the Russian spirit. The service, the cellar… everything is impressive. The guests dine in giant throne-like chairs to make them feel like Czars. Already conquered by the space, there is little doubt that the guest will not also be conquered by the cuisine. The man in charge is Adrian Quetglas, an Argentine forged by his professional career in Spain, something that one clearly sees in his style, plainly identifying with the current trends in use in Iberian haute cuisine.