Ensalada de Jambo y flores
Alex Atala
Country: Brasil
City: 014411-011 Jardins (Sao Paulo)
Address: Rua Barão de Capanema, 549
(+55) 1130880761
Closed: Midday Saturdays and Sundays
Price: 120/180 €
Tasting menu:: 100 €

Alex Atala is a name written in gold letters in the history of Brazilian cuisine. The reason? He is the first chef in Brazil to attain international recognition. He has two immense honors to attach to his career: to have begun the development of modern haute cuisine in Brazil and to identify it clearly with its “terroir”. And a third, which is derived from the first two: to lead an innovative movement to which several young chefs have adhered, as well as possibly kick-starting a sharply idiosyncratic gastronomic power. This last goal, if we are realistic, has yet to be accomplished.