Bogavante con limón verde, hojas de apio y cilantro con un caldo de coco y aceit
Alexandre Bourdas
Country: France
City: 14600Honfleurs
Address: 22 Place Hamelin Rue des Carmes
Closed: Lunchtime, except Saturday and Sunday; Thursday all day
Price: 90/120 €
Tasting menu:: 40-80 €

Thanks to Jean François Piège of “Les Ambassadeurs” for introducing this marvelous restaurant to us, opened in 2005. At the helm is Alexandre Bourdas, a chef who established himself in the ranks of Michel Bras’ kitchen in Japan, something that clarifies many things about his cuisine. First, the obsession for raw product, always superb. Second, the impressive technical training, which shines through impeccable executions from the beginning to the end of the meal without a single error in the entire menu. The cooking times are fantastically precise.