Salted goose egg, chard stalks with saffron and white Martini

Huevo de Oca en Salazón, Pencas al Azafrán  y Martini Blanco
Chef: Álvaro Garrido
Country: España
City: 48003 Bilbao (Vizcaya).
Address: Muelle Marzana, S/n

In his restaurant Mina (Bilbao), Álvaro Garrido has been able to insert modern haute cuisine into a project that perfectly fits with a new vision of restaurant: minimal infrastructure and minimal luxury possible; in short, minimal added value, but with maximal gastronomic weight. Maturity, clairvoyance, good taste, … are some of the virtues of this chef destined to be a number one (8,5), who decided to offer just one single open menu.
An outstanding example –among many others– that confirms the mentioned qualities is the marinated goose egg, inspired by Carlo Cracco’s techniq...