Chef: Bittor Arginzoniz
Country: Spain
City: 48291 Axpe-Marzana. Atxondo (Vizcaya)
Address: Plaza San Juan, 1
(+34) 946583042

Bittor Arginzoniz has an unlimited capacity for surprise. He continues to pursue his home-style revolution which has brought him so much fame–now under the title of “the hamburger”. A strange and wonderful hamburger that uses, as its protagonist, acorn-fed Iberian ham, cooked with other delicate cuts from the same pig and seasoned with chorizo pepper, garlic and salt. He molds the chopped meat as if it were a terrine, then grills it briefly. It comes out browned on the exterior and red inside, hot and aromatized with the wood oven fragrances. It is served sliced, as if it were a pork...