Char-Grilled Pork Chop

Chef: Bittor Arginzoniz
Country: Spain
City: 48291 Axpe-Marzana. Atxondo. (Vizcaya).
Address: Plaza San Juan, 1.
(+34) 946583042.

Bittor Arginzoniz has entered his name into the culinary history books by inventing ingenious new instruments over the years: “grill” pans, the bottoms of which are like a colander in order to char-grilled eel; pans that have tiny holes cut into them by a laser, so small as to be able to make risotto over the embers and impregnate the rice directly with the smoke; flat, miniscule casserole dishes to roast fish cheeks, anchovies, etc… but his most recent invention is perhaps the most innovative, the most surprising, and something that could only come to a truly privileged mind – a ne...