Lamb Brains With Its Juices

Lamb Brains With Its Juices
El Bulli
Chef: Ferran Adrià
Country: España
City: 17480 Roses(Girona).<br />
Address: Cala Montjoi, a 7 km. del centro urbano.
(+34) 972150457

With absolute assuredness, Ferran Adrià’s cuisine has never been so imaginative or perfect. After a dinner at El Bulli in mid-September, the month in which the year’s work culminates and reaches its zenith, we can confirm that out of the 34 dishes that we were served, 30, more or less, were superb. You have to experience it yourself to believe it.
Thirty dishes that qualify for Dish of the Year in a single tasting menu! And make no mistake, we do not offer such a boastful statement in simple recognition of Ferran’s magnanimous culinary harvest this year. In the book El Bulli 06...