Red mullet with ricotta soup (1997)

Red mullet with ricotta soup (1997)
Torre del Saracino
Chef: Gennaro Esposito
Country: Italy
City: 80069 Marina di Equa (Nápoles)
Address: via Tortea, 9
(+39) 0818028555

Gennaro Esposito is a joyful, generous chef who likes to share the marvelous products of the Campania region with the guests of his restaurant. For this dish, he fries celery, carrots and onions in extra virgin olive oil, adds marjoram, ricotta fuscella – the name of the traditional container for it in Campania – and vegetable stock. He boils everything for 5 minutes and strains. Two lightly poached red mullet filets and a few small pieces of sea urchin meat complete the dish. Fabulous!