La Pergola

Bruschetta con carpaccio de buey y oronjas
Heinz Beck
Country: Italy
City: 00136 Roma
Address: Via Cadlolo, 101
(+39) 0635092152
Closed: All the noons, Sundays, Mondays, for 15 days in Jan & Aug.
Price: 200 €
Tasting menu:: 140, 155 €

A temple of abundance and opulence. To the point where the dining room in season is filled with the most sublime of aromas, that of truffles, served continuously in huge portions in a multitude of dishes—including, just to erase any lingering doubt of their omnipresence, with ice cream. It is all rather solemn, as befits a five-star restaurant in the Roma Cavalieri Hilton, accommodating an affluent and high-class international clientele accompanied by the most distinguished capital city society.