Sao Gabriel

Raviolis de guisantes y carabinero a la plancha
Jens Rittmeyer
Country: Portugal
City: 8135-106 Almancil
Address: Estrada de Vale do Lobo a Quinta do Lago, Km. 4
(+351) 289394521
Closed: Mondays
Price: 75/100 €
Tasting menu::

In the heart of the Algarve is located this charming restaurant, with a select international clientele that demands cosmopolitan cuisine. In this case, it is clearly German in origin, as is the chef, Jens Rittmeyer; and it has Italian, Asian and other inluences. We must first highlight his knowledge; behind each dish lies great study, considerable intellectual effort and practice. In general, each recipe brings together quite a few elements, giving the food complexity, drama and richness. Varied and intense flavors in which the academic is mixed with exoticism in an eclectic style.