Grilled Sole With Liquid Chili and Smoked Salmon Snout

Martin Berasategui
Country: España
City: 20160 Lasarte (Guipúzcoa)
Address: Loidi, 4
(+34) 943366471

Martín Berasategui’s cuisine has almost always brimmed with very elaborated elements. An utterly reflexive, complex and sophisticated practice. However, this dish represents an exception to the rule, as it is much more essential and pragmatic. The main ingredient is an immaculate sole filet, whose exquisiteness and skin gelatinousness are reinforced by some smoked Carpier salmon snout. It is accompanied by three sauces: a mushroom dressing; a foamy potato juice in green sauce; and a few technocrat spheres of Ibarra chili, which give the Basque hint, but in a very modern way.