Zucchini flower soufflé (2007)

Zucchini flower soufflé (2007)
Chef: Olivier Bontemps
Country: France
City: 34480 Magalas
Address: Place de l'Eglise
(+33) 0 467362082

A disciple of Thierry Marx and the Pourcel brothers, Olivier Bontemps, after creating the Octopus in Béziers alongside Fabien Lefèvre, moved to Magalas in 2007 to open up his own restaurant. Here the frenetic Olivier proposes dishes highly technical in nature to exalt the product to its maximum point. This zucchini flower soufflé is filled with a salmon mousse, served accompanied by agatta chips, cauliflower salad, broad beans, zucchini, peas, mange-touts in homemade vinegar and thyme flowers.