Vegetable ravioli al dente with crab and seaweed bouillon

Raviolis de Verduras al Dente con Caldo de Cangrejo y Algas
Pier Bussetti
Chef: Pier Bussetti
Country: Italia
City: 12040 Govone (CN)
Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 17

Within the experimental cuisine practiced by Pierre Bussetti is an absolutely brilliant dish from many angles—for its delicacy, innovatively harmonious flavors and chromatism—is the ravioli, fresh, enriched with egg, al dente, concealing a vegetable brunoise—zucchini, carrot, turnip, etc.—inside, more al dente still than the pasta. This enhances its sapid and tactile nature, escaping mediocre and deceiving fillings; this complex ensemble swims in an oceanic and immaculate spider crab and seaweed broth, clear and very liquid, perfumed ingeniously and subtly with two citrus notes that...