Vintage 1997

Penne de farro con salmonetes al pesto, calabacín y albahaca
Pier Luigi Consonni
Country: Italy
City: 10121 Torino
Address: Piazza Solferino 16
(+39) 011535948
Closed: January 1-7, August 6-31, Saturdays midday and Sundays
Price: 60 - 100 €
Tasting menu:: 45, 65 y 75 €

“Vintage 1997 is a sure bet: you’re never disappointed”, confirms Ferran Adrià who, when passing through Turin with enough free time on his hands, always comes to this restaurant to be pampered. He’s not wrong: in less than ten years the establishment of Umberto Chiodi Latini (in the dining room) and Pier Luigi Consonni (in the kitchen) has become a culinary institution of the city. Professionals, politicians, gourmets and gourmands alike flock to this “luxurious” abode.