Cream of Parmesan and basils (2005)

Cream of Parmesan and basils (2005)
Quique Dacosta, Restaurante
Chef: Quique Dacosta
Country: Spain
City: 03700 Dénia (Alicante)
Address: Las Marinas, km. 3
(+34) 965784179

Quique Dacosta loves Italian products and this dish is a good demonstration of it. Over the Parmesan cream, covered by a veil of basil gelatin, wild basil leaves are placed along side sprigs of Greek basil, lemon basil sprouts, red basil leaves, holy (Tulsi) basil flowers, anise (Thai) basil leaves, and common basil seeds. A dish that deals with essence and absolutes, based on subtle but intense nuances of flavor.

Worthy of Bach’s Goldberg variations!