Nuevos espaguetis a la carbonara
Ricardo de Prà
Country: Italy
City: 32010 Plois in Pieve d´Alpago, Belluno
Address: Vía dolada, 21
(+39) 04374799141
Closed: midday Mondays and Tuesdays
Price: 70/120 €
Tasting menu:: 55 €

A restaurant with a long history in which a generational changing of the guard has taken place in the kitchen, occupied today by Ricardo de Prà, a young man with triumphant zeal who works day and night—testimony to his blind vocation. He is a complete artisan: he makes cheeses that he then offers on the menu, some of them exceptional; also bacon, extraordinary as well; he produces eggs, peas, etc., gathers wild herbs. And, of course, he cooks the products of the land: mushrooms, frogs, escargots, lamb and game of the highest quality.