Chez Ruffet

Vieiras marcadas y ahumadas con ravioli de pollo y salsa de su guiso
Stephane Carrade
Country: France
City: 33470 Gujan Mestras
Address: 18, Cours de Verdun
(+33) 0556660878
Closed: Saturday
Price: 85/150 €
Tasting menu:: 70 y 120 €

Here again we were confronted with the immense excitement that has always distinguished Stéphane Carrade’s cuisine, as well as the laborious intellectual work that has developed during his quest to find new culinary paths, leading him to mold diverse personal periods over the years such as “the progressive native land”, for example. His efforts have not been fruitless. A great moment in his career is culminating, marked by a noticeable leap forward in the quality of his work, which has been the driving force in attaining this rating. The mental maturity of his creations and his capacity to propose distinct formulas, different from usual tendencies, are what stand out the most. He is like no one else. It might be difficult to precisely define his style today, but what is certainly clear is that his creations are extremely personal. Modern, yet slightly baroque. A contemporary baroque signifying a depth of analysis and meticulousness in the creations. A multitude of small ingredients, preparations and even decorations find their way into each construction, offering endless nuances expressed with pure technique. With regard to the appetizers, the constant, playful acidic and spicy counterpoints keep drawing your attention to them, warming and refreshing the palate at the same time. As for the main dishes, knowledge is supported by impeccable procedure, making the savoir-faire and technique of this chef truly excellent. Not a single mistake–absolute virtuosity. Complex creations sustained with stellar product, unbeatable in some instances, served with a healthy dose of generosity. A chef with exemplary ethics. Nobility alongside simple, precise exuberance seasoned with brilliance and affection: poignant warmth. The restaurant offers three menus in three drastically different price ranges, and one must choose one of them or opt to order off the diminished à la carte menu, which only has seven or eight dishes available. So, Chez Ruffet diners go to eat whatever pleases the chef, who explains his policy quite convincingly: “this is the way to have a few stellar items in their optimal state, and the way to guarantee execution. It is also the way to manage the business of the establishment by preventing ingredient loss and gaining all possible productivity from labor. This is reflected in more competitive prices and in the results, since there is full concentration on what is being cooked.” What was up until very recently a cuisine dedicated to evolved countrymen has now turned its aim towards intellectual gourmets, although the truth is that everyone can understand and appreciate it. We’ll give a few examples, knowing full well that they can only serve to give an idea of what is