“ZVI” chicken egg with truffle sauce (2006)

“ZVI” chicken egg with truffle sauce (2006)
Per Se
Chef: Thomas Keller, Jonathan Benno y Sébastien Rouxel
Country: EEUU
City: 10019 Nueva York
Address: 10, Columbus Circle
(+1) 212 8239340

Excellent product, perfect techniques, round and delicate flavors, contemporary, balanced cuisine without being ostentatious, virtually no margin of error and all done in the highest elegance… Thomas Keller, chef from the French Laundry in California, represents to America what Joël Robuchon represented to France in the 1980s. Together with Jonathan Benno and Sébastien Rouxel, the executive chef, they offer New Yorkers impeccable dishes such as this scramble egg with winter truffle sauce.