Lomos de sardina con tostadas de tomate y albahaca
Bart De Pooter
Country: Belgium
City: 2840 Rumst - Reet
Address: Laarstraat, 22
Closed: Sábados mediodía, domingos, del 04/02 al 12/02 y del 04/08 al 07/09
Price: 100/170 €
Tasting menu:: 80/105 €

Two styles harmoniously coexist within the work of the studious, dedicated chef Bart De Pooter. On one hand, he constructs creative, groundbreaking proposals, found especially in the appetizer portion of the first part of the tasting menu; and on the other hand, more conventional articulations in the main dishes that are labor-intensive with an array of elements surrounding a solid main ingredient, always of exceptional nobility and perfectly prepared. The best example of this?