De Schone Van Boskoop

Vástago de lúpulo con tartar de vieiras
Wouter Keersmaeckers
Country: Belgium
City: 2530 Boechout
Address: Appelkantstraat
(+32) 034541931
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Price: 120/140 €
Tasting menu:: 85 - 115 €

Wouter Keersmaeckers is one of the most thriving forces in contemporary Belgian haute cuisine. He is a chef that passionately loves the product and who always cooks in order to bring out the best in each ingredient. A perfectionist when it comes to cooking times, he seeks to strengthen the natural flavors of the components and preserve the characteristic textures of each element. His sauces and accompaniments are created to elegantly satisfy our palates with balanced and recognizable flavors, rather than simply striving for shock value.