Terreiro Bahía

Tentáculos de pulpo con aromas de tomillo y orégano
Tereza Paim
Country: Brasil
City: Praia do Forte
Address: Alameda do Sol
(+55) 36761754
Closed: Always open
Price: 40/50 €
Tasting menu::

A simple establishment decorated with personality that reflects very particular tastes. One dines practically outside, as if it were a terrace slightly protected from the warm, pleasant sun. Small and inoffensive monkeys visit the restaurant creating a unique ambience, also created by small details at the table and in the service, chatty and talkative, which go about their business. In this tropical atmosphere we find Tereza Paim and Diogo Pereira. Traditional cuisine with innovative airs for the indigenous. Notable raw product, except the shrimp: frozen.