De Kas

Costrón de gorgonzola y topinambo
Ronald Kunis
Country: Holland
City: 1097 DE Amsterdam
Address: Kamerlingh Onneslaan, 3
(+31) 0204624562
Closed: Saturdays midday and Sundays
Price: 60/70 €
Tasting menu:: 49 €

The owner, Gert Jan Hageman, is a real character – a pragmatic idealist who has turned a utopian dream into reality. He has created an immense garden in the middle of a huge city. That is De Kas, a bucolic and beautiful greenhouse in a large park in Amsterdam. With municipal concession of the space at a symbolic price, he has built this restaurant up in an absolutely precious spot where he cultivates both vegetables and nature itself – it is certainly unique in Europe, perhaps even the world over.