100 Maneiras

Vieira con espuma de puerro y empanadilla de trufa
Ljubomir Stanisic
Country: Portugal
City: 1200-459 Lisboa
Address: Rua do Teixeira, 35
(+351) 210990475
Closed: Always open
Price: 85/110 €
Tasting menu:: 65 €

Ljubomir Stanisic practices the most conceptually advanced cuisine in Portugal. With his own personal, intellectual criteria, employing avant-garde techniques he conveys a clearly distinct message, contemporary and cosmopolitan, where the chef’s character comes before any culinary references. Ideas seemingly bubble up from his mind until they are captured, manifested; with a profound process of reflection remaining evident in his creations. Otherwise put, one senses the imagination, studiousness and meditative approach in his work… culminating in the creation of quite cerebral dishes.