Pan Boronvinsky líquido con crujiente de aceite de girasol
Anatoly Komm
Country: Russia
City: 125009 Moscu
Address: Strastnoy Bul´Var, 8 A
Closed: Sundays, from January 01 to 15, and from May 01 to 10
Price: 230/300 €
Tasting menu:: 150 €

Anatoly Komm is a genius. A man overrun with gifts and an iron will. A visionary, an idealist ready to die for his cause: to become the international number one and to headline the Russian gastronomic revolution. And he is plainly conscious of the fact that both elements go inseparably together. For now, while managing several restaurants, he raised a banner of his own over the last two floors of a skyscraper in Moscow, the decoration of which, in 2008, cost 4 million euros, in what was to be known as an exaltation of culture and luxury in the country of “Czarist” proportions.