Baserri Maitea

Bacalao en contrastes
Juan Antonio Zaldua
Country: Spain
City: 48393 Forua (Vizcaya)
Address: B. Atxondoa, s/n.
(+34) 946253408
Closed: Sunday and Monday night all year, every night except Friday and Saturday from November 1 to April 30, and 15 days over Christmas
Price: 60/75 €
Tasting menu:: 45 €

What changed in Juan Antonio Zaldua’s restaurant to merit the higher rating? As a rule, the basic philosophy that has distinguished the establishment for years still remains intact, originally inspired by the owner. In other words, magnificent raw product, precise preparations and doneness, reflective articulations, and flavors deeply rooted in traditions… the sum of which produces immense satisfaction on the part of the client. Constructing modern sketches from traditional outlines or, similarly, creating modern, imaginative haute cuisine from popular inspiration.