Cafe Pushkin

Hojaldres rellenos
Cafe Pushkin
Country: Russia
City: Moscú
Address: Tsepckofi Fiyaenap 26-a
Closed: Always open
Price: 250/350 €
Tasting menu::

The fact that gastronomy is a reflection of the society from which it is born comes to no surprise. Appearance and dishonesty exceed both fiction and reality. We live in a circus filled with clowns… for whom millions of the misinformed, without a shred of criteria, laugh along. It suffices to take this restaurant as an example. It holds the position of 80th best restaurant in the world in the guide that each year prints the British magazine THE RESTAURANT. What nerve! If they decide what the 100 best restaurants in the world are, we are all in trouble. But that is what they have achieved.