Crispy pancetta with fabada vinaigrette and itx broth

Casa Marcial
Chef: Nacho Manzano
Country: Spain
City: 33549 Arriondas (Asturias)
Address: La Salgar, 10; a 4 kilómetros del centro urbano
(+34) 985840991

Nacho Manzano is one of the most personally expressive Spanish chefs around. He is further distinguished by another virtue that has contributed to his prestige: an innate talent for producing refined and harmonious flavors. Both qualities are evident in this dish, in a way a tribute to the Fabada (a bean stew typical from Asturias, Spain). A dish he has nurtured with great care both using the traditional recipe, worthy of an 8.5/10 in The Best Fabadas, and creatively—in its day he presented it in a wonderful salad.
This new creation can certainly be interpreted in various, not neces...