Casa Vicina

Batsua en ensalada con vinagreta de mostaza
Claudio y Anna Vicina
Country: Italy
City: 10126 Torino
Address: Via Nizza, 224
(+39) 01119506840
Closed: Sundays, Mondays and middays
Price: 100/140 €
Tasting menu:: 60 - 70 €

Traditional, refined Piemontese cuisine prepared by the Vicina family who has been in the business for four generations with the parents and children working side by side in the venture. Under the attentive eye of Bruna (Mamma mia, what a stewer!), Claudio and Anna prepare traditional recipes of the region with a markedly renewed vitality. In many cases they are ingenious, always with sensitivity and a respect for their culinary history. The popular customary proposals are infused with knowledge and, above all, refinement. In short, culinary traditionalism with touches of modern haute cuisine in a symbiosis created to satisfy every taste. And if the style is infallible, their practice confirms it: unerringly meticulous, dish after dish. The results here are insured. Perhaps the best approach is to follow the suggestions of one of the other members of the family, Stéfano, who attends to the dining room with silent, stunning diligence. In any case, they offer two tasting menus that are clearly explained, and to diffuse any doubt you might have, the menu adorns the most unique specialties of the house with 7 hearts: batsuà in insalata all´agro di senape; girello di fassone in salsa tonnata, agnolotti vecchia eporedia pizzicati a mano al sugo d´arrosto; lasagnette aperte al ragout di coniglio al rosmarino; potato gnocchi al filo; rognone “à la coque” con vellutata di senape e aglio in carmicia; faraona novella az. agrícola greppi disossata e composta in salmi y dolce y dolcezze. The truth is that all these are little gastronomic jewels created originally to figure into the tasting menu. Let’s explain a few. The first, for example, consists of a few slices of pig’s feet marinated in vinegar, lightly infused with the flavor of the vinegar, then breaded and served with a varied salad – beautiful and gourmet at the same time, which can be said for most all of the dishes here. The agnolotti joins together two textures in an impeccable way, al dente pasta and a creamy filling, with a uniform, unquestionable flavor of the meat juices over which they are served. The gnocchi utterly melt in your mouth with the enhancing accompaniment of two cheeses, a cream that lacquers them and crispy Parmegiano-reggiano with herbs that beautifies the dish, both visually and flavorfully. The lasagnette arrives as a bed of pasta supporting an infinity of small morsels of rabbit prepared with an unusual flavor, perfumed with rosemary – to indulge! The guinea hen, sublime in its own right (a true 10 for its genre), is offered as salmis, both the breast and the wings. And the desserts are pure, decadent artisanship: bonbons, meringues… dangerous temptations. The restaurant is markedly modern, boasting a somewhat rock and roll atmosphere, with the stars of the Juventus football club at the table next to us. What more can you ask for?