Caramelized foie gras ice cream over vinegar sponge cake

Cenador de Amos
Chef: Jesús Sánchez
Country: Spain
City: 39793 Villaverde de Pontones (Cantabria).
Address: Pl. del Sol. s/n.
(+34) 942508243.

Jesús is a chef that has exalted foie gras to new heights. His grilled duck liver with a spattering of coffee marmalade and grape soup is already famous. Completing the circle, he offers us an original and technological way of presenting this appetizer that is a symbiosis of mousse and terrine. It goes by the name caramelized duck liver ice cream over a vinegar sponge cake. The foie gras, playing the role of body and soul here, is situated between a sweet layer above and an acidic base. It offers two complementary textures: creamy and crispy. The lure of the muscatel gelatin, a floral gard...