Check Salad

Check Salad
Chef: Davide Scabin
Country: Italia
City: Rivoli
Address: Piazza Mafalda di Savoia. En el Castillo de Rivoli
(+39) 0119565225

A new period has arrived in the triumphant era that Davide Scabin initiated, which will put him on the podium of honor in European cuisine. Curiously, contrary to the radical denaturalization he practiced in the past, today his brilliance has a sharp definition to it: Gastronomic Ecology. Two stunning examples serve as testimony to the essentiality and immaculate nature of the creations. The first, eggplant tataki, moved Martín Berasategui to say: “it is the best eggplant I have ever eaten in my entire life”… and in mine, his… anyone’s. The second is the daring and clairvoyant ...