Caviar con miel, ricotta y lubina
Ciccio Sultano
Country: Italy
City: 97100 Ragusa
Address: Via Capitano Boccheri, 31
(+39) 0932651265
Closed: Sundays and Mondays midday from April to September, and Sunday nights and Mondays from October to March; and from January 24th to February 8th
Price: 70/100 €
Tasting menu::

Ciccio Sultano, Sicilian, is the supreme exponent of the island’s gastronomic culture. He loves the ingredients, the succulence and abundance, characteristics that confirm his fondness for eating. These passionate or emotional qualities intermingle with other more cerebral ones, such as capturing and promoting distinctive flavors, differentiating in the dish the various components, as well as showing a certain mental openness that consists in the rise of foreign ideas and imagination, expressed in a reflective way. As a consequence, he never commits errors of excess fantasy or sophistication.