El Cenador de Salvador

Pularda de Bresse con berza y hongos
Salvador Gallego
Country: Spain
City: 28411 Moralzarzal (Madrid)
Address: Avda. de España, 30
(+34) 918577722
Closed: Sunday nights, Mondays and Tuesdays midday and from the 7th to the 30th of January, except for weekends.
Price: 75/90 €
Tasting menu:: 72 y 85 €

This is a cuisine capable of satisfying the most demanding palates, very diverse in its preferences, with the common denominator of good taste. This could be a good definition of what Salvador Gallego practices in his restaurant and what he teaches to the already numerous students that pass through the doors of his ever more accredited Culinary School: the “chef” sits atop the throne, above all, as an example. And to eat at ‘El Cenador de Salvador’ is generally a sensory celebration.