Lobster stew with truffle (2000)

Lobster stew with truffle (2000)
El Hogar Gallego
Chef: Toni Gordillo
Country: Spain
City: 08370 Calella (Barcelona)
Address: Ànimes, 73-75
(+34) 937662027

El Hogar Gallego is known for the high quality of its ingredients, which are brought in daily from Galicia (the “Plato Cantábrico” of mollusks and crustaceans is sublime!). After working with Ferran Adrià, Jean-Luc Figueras, Olivier Roellinger and Santi Santamaria, Toni Gordillo joined his father Antonio at the burners. Since then, a selection of his creations can be found on the menu, including this magnificent lobster stew with vegetables, black truffle, soya sprouts and potato chips.