El Poblet
Chef: Quique Dacosta
Country: Spain
City: 03700 Dénia (Alicante)
Address: Las Marinas, km. 3
(+34) 965784179

Quique Dacosta created dishes with very different ideas and procedures in 2008–the white truffle (sugar crust powdered with pulverized mushrooms that take the shape of a truffle stuffed with Parmigiano-reggiano), “Springtime” (a vase of flowers over the plate), “Mist” (a televised show in pure Blumenthal style where importance is given to the visual aspect and arrangement of the mushrooms, vegetables, nuts, earth… the newest and most brilliant Gargouillou), foie gras with wood crust (intrinsically and technically perfect, adorned and texturized with bulbs). A masterful idea and ...