Cod grilled over holm oak embers

Bacalao a las ascuas de madera de encina
Chef: Víctor Arguinzóniz
Country: España
City: 48291 Atxondo (Vizcaya)
Address: Plaza San Juan, 1
(+34) 946583042

In Basque cuisine, cod has always traditionally been prepared in sauce (pil pil, a la vizcaína, al Club Ranero, en salsa verde, etc.) or in other ways (in an omelet, with bread-garlic soup in zurrukutuna, as stuffing for peppers, fried with green peppers, etc.); but strangely never fire-grilled, while it was always a food abundant in cider houses and txakoli wineries. In recent years, it has finally taken its place in the best Basque barbecues, for various reasons: its absence had no logical basis and there are not many fish that are better, and much less with dependable market availabilit...