Mussels with carrot juice and pimiento choricero powder

Mejillones con jugo de zanahoria y polvo de choriceros
Chef: Víctor Arguinzóniz
Country: España
City: 48291 Atxondo. (Vizcaya)
Address: Plaza San Juan, 1
(+34) 946583042

Vittor Arginzoniz is a unique and unrepeatable character. A true genius that has revolutionized char-grilled cuisine. A contemporary artist of the embers. A visionary that has technocratically transformed the most primary of tools, restructuring the mediums themselves to achieve his goals. Inventing much of his own equipment, following his own path. In this case, he has created a large pot with a conical crater in the center where the flames of pine erupt though, perfuming the mussels through steam, mussels that only just open at which point they are removed and taken out of their shells. T...