La Côte St-Jacques

Bandeja de marisco virtual
Jean-Michel Lorain
Country: France
City: 89300 Joigny
Address: 14, fg Paris
(+33) 0386620970
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays midday (from November to April)
Price: 110 - 160 €
Tasting menu:: 147 - 185 €

Jean-Michel Lorain’s career has been rather unusual considering how he began, as young chef born to a family of already established, confirmed restaurateurs. Instead of starting out in the protective environment of La Côte St-Jacques, Jean-Michel opted to begin his training in the restaurant of the Troisgros brothers, in Roanne, where he remained for four years. He then spent two years on the legendary Swiss chef Freddy Girardet’s team, and in 1983, he finally returned to Joigny where, ten years later, he replaced his father Michel at the rings.